children being creative

Children Aged 1 - 2, Nursery Care in our Tweenie Room

Birth To Three Matters

In line with the National Child Care Strategy we apply the 'Birth To Three Matters' child development planning process, the objective being to develop a skillfull communicator, a competent learner and a strong and healthy child.

Here is an excerpt from our latest Ofsted Inspection Report "Children aged between the ages of one and three are confident in their relationships with staff. Children from two years benefit from well planned, practical learning opportunities."

Toddlers develop quickly and in a happy and stimulating environment, learn many new skills. In our Tweenie Room, toys and other play materials such as paint, glue, sand and water are used for tactile activities. This is also a very impressionable age and our staff are trained to treat the children in a consistent manner. The children receive lots of praise but also learn the importance of 'no'. Consistency is the key to your child feeling secure and happy and we value our parents' co-operation in carrying this approach into the family life.

Social skills develop in the nursery as the children learn to share and take turns, especially at meal times, in a family atmosphere.

The toddlers are also encouraged to sit on a potty, as an introduction to potty training.

Language Development

Interaction with adults and other children promotes language development. To support this process we sing and listen to music and stories.

Childrens' Outdoor Play

Weather permitting, we play outside twice each day in our large, secure play area, equipped with balls, hoops, bikes and push along toys. During the Summer we will be installing a soft play area for our children.