children painting

Children Aged 2 - 3, Nursery Care in our Toddler Room

Our children at this stage are very active and learning so much about the world around them. As the toddlers gains greater body control they can manipulate smaller objects by fitting them together and pulling them apart and can hold paint brushes, crayons and chalk with greater dexterity.

The "terrible twos"

Imaginative play is also developing and the toddlers are learning to interact with peers. The concept of sharing and taking turns is not easy to grasp and can lead to some frustration...!

The "terrible twos" are finding their own identity and at this stage especially it is important that acceptable behaviour is clearly identified for them. As ever, consistency in all settings is vital for your child to feel happy and secure.

Language Skills

Language skills are developing quickly, from a few words to full sentences. Active participation in story telling and singing helps this process and the stories get longer as the children develop concentration.

Our nursery staff spend important time listening to our children, encouraging them to speak in correct sentences and gradually expanding their vocabulary.

They are also starting to understand numbers and recognise more colours.

Toilet training is a 3 stage process, with no set age for start or completion as each child develops at his /her own pace. Helped by star charts and our experienced understanding nursery staff, most of our children are toilet trained by the time they leave our toddler group.