baby on a slide

Oasis Day Nursery & Baby Care

In our baby care unit we can care for twelve babies.

Our baby care room is bright and attractive and in this cosy setting we will give your baby lots of individual attention within a safe, secure family - style unit.

Development Through Play

We talk to our babies as much as possible, to develop early listening / language skills. We play with them using a variety of toys to encourage interest and alertness and to develop body control. We play with water, paint and cornflower and enjoy walks in the fresh air.

This is an excerpt from our last Ofsted Report "Children are loved and valued. Babies receive lots of cuddles and they snuggle into the familiar staff showing a clear sense of belonging".

Baby Feeding

In the initial weeks we fit in with your baby's own daily routine. Then we gradually ease into the regular routine of the nursery, where all the children eat at the same time.

Mothers are welcome to come in and bottle or breast feed their babies. We cater for breast fed babies and can freeze expressed milk. If bottle feeding, you should provide formula milk and your baby's own bottles. We know that weaning can be a slow process and we gradually introduce a variety of taste and texture as we progress to solid foods.

Hygiene is an important consideration in the baby care unit and all cutlery, toys etc are sterilised for each session.

Parents' Involvement

We know that leaving your baby the care of a nursery for the first time can be worrying and upsetting. Parents are welcome to ring in to enquire about their babies as frequently as they wish. You are also very welcome to call in and spend time with your baby.

From the baby care unit we provide you with daily charts showing you what your baby has eaten, the number of bottles and nappies, how much sleep and generally what kind of day he / she has had.

Here is another Ofsted Inspector's comment, relating to the benefits of the communication between our baby care staff and parents "Babies settle well because staff work closely with parents to find out about and share written information about their home and daily routine"